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Philosophy and Direction of the Nohr TU

"The Chapter will work to conserve and preserve trout as a game fish, promote trout angling in a sportsmanlike manner, and work with constituted authorities and other conservation organizations, through scientific, yet practical, trout management; through land, water, and watershed management to provide desirable food and habitat; through fishing regulations to preserve and increase the trout population; and through dissemination of full and accurate information to the members and the general public."


Updated: 9-15-2018

Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter CAFO Position

The Nohr Chapter recently formed a new committee to address the concerns of proposed and existing Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in our area. These are generally large livestock farms with greater than 1000 animal units. The committee developed the following position paper (see link below) to officially state the Chapter's concerns regarding the environmental impact of CAFOs, especially as it pertains to surface and ground water quantity and quality, soil quality, and human health. This position paper was approved by the Chapter's Board of Directors in January 2018.


2017 Blue River and Borah Creek Project Reports

The Nohr Chapter annually undertakes stream habitat improvement projects as an essential part of our mission “to conserve, protect, and enhance the cold water streams of Southwestern Wisconsin." During 2017, approximately 5,000 feet of streambank was improved along the Blue River and 1,800 feet was improved along Borah Creek. For more information, read the project summary reports linked below:

Brook Trout